Hertfordshire Solar Panels & Battery Storage Solutions

Have you thought about how to generate your electricity and remove it from the grid to combat climate change? Have you thought about using photovoltaic power?

We at CEV Ltd are incredibly proud to be able to assist you in getting energy right here in Hertfordshire! Our goal is to help get solar panels installed on any property that wants them to help reduce its carbon footprint in Hertfordshire!

We install equipment from reputable makers with solid guarantees and warranties, making us one of the region’s top installers of battery storage and solar panel solutions.

Using our solar panel installation service, you can generate energy and reduce carbon emissions. Whether you need to replace existing solar panels or brand new solar PV installations to create your renewable energy, we can help you!

Contact us to review your solar panel or battery installation requirements. Nothing makes us happier than giving our Hertfordshire customers affordable solar panels and battery storage rates.

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How Does Solar Energy Work?

Sunlight is one of the most easily accessible energy sources in our world. The amount of solar energy that hits the earth’s surface in a single hour is more significant than the actual annual energy requirements of the planet.

You can significantly lower your energy costs if solar panels are put in your Hertfordshire home. You can create renewable energy and, in turn, reduce your energy prices.

Even though it may seem like the ideal renewable energy source, the amount of solar energy we can use depends on the time of day, the season of the year, and our geographic position.

Solar energy is a more and more popular option to supplement your energy use in Hertfordshire and the UK.

Call our team immediately at the number listed here to learn more about the affordable price we can provide for you. When searching for solar battery storage installers, our team can provide you with this service in Hertfordshire at a competitive price and install solar panels.

Solar Panel Battery Storage In Hertfordshire

Choose CEV Ltd for solar panels and battery storage in Hertfordshire. We are industry leaders in the field of sustainable energy and are capable of installing battery systems and solar PV systems.

Our premium battery storage systems can help you increase your storage capacity and self consumption if you already have a solar panel system.

When solar panels are installed with a battery storage device, extra energy can be stored in the battery and used when the sun isn’t shining.

This translates into a more effective system, further boosts savings, enhances solar energy consumption, and boosts grid independence.

Local Hertfordshire Solar Panel Installers

Do you have all the necessary knowledge about solar panels? The CEV Ltd. staff believes the possibility of a negative response.

But do not worry; we are your local solar panel installers in Hertfordshire. We can provide you with all the information and expertise you require regarding residential and commercial solar panel options.

Sunlight is converted into energy by solar PV panels, called photovoltaic panels. They comprise numerous separate solar cells that are joined to create a solar panel.

The electrical charge created by sunlight striking the solar panel’s cells can be used to produce electrical energy.

In recent years, solar PV screens have gained popularity as a renewable energy source. They are an ecologically friendly choice because they are clean and emit no greenhouse gases.

Why not talk to one of our qualified technicians right now? We can assist you in supplying electricity by getting solar panels on an individual basis or in bulk.

Why Use A Battery To Store Your Solar Energy?

We use batteries because they allow us to decouple the relationship between electrical production, consumption, and time.

As an example, if you have Solar PV panels and it is a sunny day, you produce a high amount of energy, however at this exact time, you may be at work and not at home, so to allow you to use this later, we use a battery to store it until it is required. Another example is at night; many suppliers run off-peak tariffs where you can buy electricity at a reduced price.

However, you probably do not need that electricity at that exact time, so the battery allows you to store it until you need it.

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Which manufacturers do we use?

We work with manufacturers such as:

  1. Tesla
  2. Givenergy
  3. Solax
  4. Growatt
  5. Myenergi

Can I use my solar battery during a power cut?

Running your home on battery power during a power cut might seem simple, but it comes with important considerations. The primary concern when using batteries for backup power is safety compliance. During power outages, engineers often work on the electrical grid, and it’s crucial to prevent any generation or battery issues. That’s why solar inverters automatically shut down during blackouts.

While it’s possible to rely on a battery during an outage, standard home batteries lack foolproof control systems. If they don’t function flawlessly, there’s a risk of electrical hazards. Moreover, if the battery malfunctions, it doesn’t offer a reliable fail-safe solution.

Backup battery systems feature a safety mechanism known as a relay (also known as “island mode” or “islanding”. This functions as a switch, detecting power outages and disconnecting your home from the grid. Proper placement is vital—it should sit between your incoming power supply and your primary fusebox. The “islanding” will require the installation of an earth rod. Ensure you have adequate space for its installation.

What types of home battery backup are there?

There are three types of home battery backup

  • Emergency Power Socket (EPS)
  • Critical Load Backup (EPS Circuits)
  • Whole home Backup


Emergency Power Socket

An emergency Power Socket is an electrical circuit that comprises of a single or double socket and is wired into your inverter which has a EPS supply. This is at relatively low extra cost depending on the system.

In the event of a power cut, the inverter will recognise the grid outage, and the Automatic Changeover Switch which is built into the inverter will send power to the EPS socket. You can then use the EPS socket to power electrical appliances such as phone chargers, wifi, a fridge, lamps etc. It is worth noting that you should set a power reserve on the battery so that in the event of a power cut you will still have battery storage available to use. You can do this by setting a charge limit on the inverter in app settings.

Critical load backup

Critical load backup is when you have connected multiple existing circuits from your fusebox to the inverters backup supply port. This means that in the event of a power cut you will still have power do the selected circuits. Most inverters are only able to offer a EPS supply capability of 10-20a and your installer should take this into account when advising which circuits you can supply during a power cut. Critical load backup is not available on all inverters and you should always refer to manufacturers guidance. We recommend that you only consider lighting circuits and power circuits which have low powered electrical appliances connected to them.

Whole Home Backup

Whole home backup is when you use stored battery power to supply your home with electricity during a power cut. There is a limited amount of inverters which are capable of offering this. CEV recommends that you opt for the Tesla Powerwall solution. To install Whole Home Backup you will need to have what’s called a “Gateway” installed. The Gateway is installed between your incoming supply and consumer unit. The Tesla Powerwall is able to supply your home with 5kwh’s of continuous power in the event of a powercut.

Choose CEV Ltd Today In Hertfordshire For Solar Panels & Solar Battery Storage

Residents of Hertfordshire who want to lessen their environmental effects are becoming increasingly interested in solar panels and battery storage. You can reduce your energy bills when solar is installed in your home. With battery storage added, you can go off-grid in Hertfordshire.

In addition to lowering energy costs and raising property values, such technology can be a great source of green energy when coupled with grid-based electricity sources. If you want to learn more, speak to our independent experts today!

Our clients can gain from a well-designed system that is dependable and effective over time with the aid of our high-quality services. Our staff at CEV Ltd can also provide affordable rates and continuing maintenance plans to guarantee the best performance year after year.

Contact CEV Ltd immediately for more details on how battery storage devices and solar panels can help Hertfordshire homes. Our services are also available in Berkshire. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Planning permission is not required for most domestic or commercial solar installations as it falls under permitted developments. You may need planning permission if you would like to install solar panels on a flat roof, listed building or in a conservation area. Get in touch today for advice from our support team
One of our surveyors will attend the site, take measurements, assess the roof structure, orientation, condition, gather information for a structural analysis, assess the electrics of the house, check viable cable routes, potentially use our drone and take pictures from an aerial view. 
Yes we do offer complimentary site surveys for solar and car charging. This applies to both solar and domestic sites. 
The performance and product warranty for solar panels will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The most common warranty period is 10 years product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. However, your panels can last longer than this. 
The lifespan of batteries is usually a minimum of 10 years. Most batteries have a 6000 life cycle warranty and a product warranty of 10 years. The lifespan also comes down to how often the batteries are used, if they are used very often e.g multiple times per day then they may last 10 or less years, if they are used once or twice per day then they would last longer. 
Generally no. Our installers will show you how to use your app and the charger or solar system and explain the key components of the system. Once that has been completed then the systems are up and running and unless you have a question then there shouldn’t be anything you require support with. 
We have a technical support team so that if you do need any help, we’re only a call away. 
10 year product warranty 
25 year performance warranty 
10 year battery manufacturers warranty 
Insurance backed workmanship warranty 
6-10,000 life cycle warranty.
Most roofs are suitable for solar just be aware that to install it needs to face east, west or south and have a unobstructed section which can fit panels on. 
At current prices the average home can save up to £1000 per year.
A company will benefit massively from solar as they will save on their electricity bills, less reliance on the electricity grid, reduce your carbon footprint,