My Energi Libbi battery

Who are Myenergi?

Myenergi is one of the leading manufacturers of renewable energy products. They started out with the famous Zappi car charger, then came the Eddi, a hot water power diverter and now they have released their own battery storage with the Libbi battery. The Libbi is an all-in-one unit including a hybrid inverter and a 5kw battery system which can be expanded to 20kwh of storage capacity. Myenergi has created an ecosystem of products so that you can maximise savings and easily make your home eco-friendly. Their technology monitors and manages your usage and optimises it to maximise your use of generated electricity with your solar and battery. 

With a range of great products such as EV chargers, DC-coupled batteries and intelligent power diverters, there is no doubt that Myenergi has a product to suit your needs. 

Which product do you need?

Libbi Battery

If you are looking to have a solar system installed with battery storage then we would recommend the Libbi battery. The Libbi has a built-in hybrid inverter and storage system. The hybrid inverter is available in a 3.6kw or 5kw power and the batteries are available with a 5kwh batterty capacity which can expand to 20kwh of stoage.

Products Available:

  • Zappi car charger
  • Eddi Hot water diverter
  • Myenergi Libbi Home battery

Key features

Can you add a battery to an existing system?

You can add a storage system to an existing solar panel system. There are two solutions. The Libbi hybrid inverter can work as a hybrid or AC-coupled inverter.

In most systems, either an additional inverter or a change of inverters will be required to allow the system to be configured to work effectively. If you would like to expand on your system you could add up to 4 additional batteries.

Myenergi Zappi

Myenergi Zappi

The Myenergi Zappi is the leading car charger in the UK EV market. The Zappi intelligent charging features such as three charging speeds, solar charging, solar battery integration, dynamic load management and more. Even though the Zappi has all of these smart features doesn’t mean you can’t just plug in and charge. If you would like to plug your car in and charge it up without programming anything, you can. The Zappi can be simple or smart. As part of the Myenergi ecosystem, it can also connect to your battery and hot water diverter to optimise your energy usage.

Key features

  • Dynamic load management 
  • Three charging speeds
  • Wind, solar, and grid charging
  • Set your charging times
  • 7kw charging speeds
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Use the Myenergi app for key data and setting 
  • Available in tether or un-tethered

Choose CEV Ltd Today For your Myenergi battery storage installation

Solar panels and battery storage have become increasingly popular for residents looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Not only is such technology capable of reducing energy bills and increasing property value, but it can also be an excellent renewable power source when used with grid-based electricity sources.

With the help of our high-quality services, our customers can benefit from a well-designed system that is reliable and efficient over time. Additionally, our team at CEV Ltd can offer competitive rates and ongoing maintenance programs to ensure the best performance year after year.

For more information on how solar panels and battery storage systems can benefit your home, contact CEV Ltd today! 

Frequently Asked Questions About PureDrive Batteries
The lifespan of batteries is usually a minimum of 10 years. Myenergi has a 10  warranty The lifespan also comes down to how often the batteries are used, if they are used very often e.g multiple times per day then they may last 10 or less years, if they are used once or twice per day then they would last longer. 
It depends on the size of your battery and how much electricity you use per year. If you have a 10kw battery, you will be able to save more money. But if you have a  5kw battery. claim that you can save significantly on your electricity bills.

The best home battery storage system for whole home backup is the  Give Energy All In One which has a whole home backup feature. The All In One battery system has a 13.5kwh storage capacity and a backup output of 6kwh’s. 

The Myenergi Libbi battery is compatible with Octopus energy and most other variable rate tariffs. You can input your tariff charging periods directly in the app and change them at any time.